I do art and I drink a lot of coffee!
Contact me at @Farryn#1306 on discord or @FarrynArts on Twitter.

Commissions: OPEN

About Me
Hey there, my name is Farryn. I'm a 24 year old artist & writer from the United Kingdom. I do FFXIV RP, as well as drawing digital artwork and just recently got into streaming! I hope you enjoy my artwork and I appreciate all support. I am a She/Her.
Q: Are you taking commissions?
A: It can vary when I do take up commissions. Be sure to check my status above to see if my commissions are open or not!
Q: How do I commission you?
A: To commission me, simply go to my Ko-Fi and select what you want, it's a simple process.
Q: Who's your FFXIV character?
A: Her name is Elvira Naromis and there's a button that'll take you to her profile. She is actually a character who is inspired from one of my first RP characters.
Q: Do you do NSFW art?
A: That is an area I MAY consider getting into, but it's a matter of learning antomy and getting comfortable in doing that type of art.
Q: Can I use your art for NFT?
A: No. Don't attempt it, don't try it, or even consider doing it with or without my consent. My art is my own, not a damn collectable. Besides, NFTs are pointless and do more harm than good. Want a unique image? Pay an artist and help them in life.
Q: Can I use your art for character references/public use?
A: If you want to use my artwork strictly for referrancing to get artwork inspired by it - like posing, outfit, and background, I'm fine with it. But don't word-for-word take my art and say it's your character. ESPECIALLY commissions, do not say that a commission is character art of your character when it clearly isn't. This also applies for using it for RP lore, FC (Free Company) images, etc, etc.
Q: What do you use to draw?
A: I use Krita as my art program, and I use a Gaemon S620 tablet.
Q: Any artists that inspire you?
A: Shenpai, Wildcharge, and Lamu. Their artstyles are amazing and they are awesome artists!
Q: How much coffee do you drink?
A: Yes.

Terms of Service

Thank you for considering requesting a commission from me!Before you commission me, please make sure you read my Terms of Service and that you have what you need.

What I do
Character Concepts
D&D Characters
FFXIV Characters
WoW Characters
Symbol and Logo designs
What I don't do
High Gore
Full on Machines

Terms and ConditionsBe aware that art takes time to draw and that my work won't always be perfect to your vision of your character.Estimation of commission completion can vary depending on the type of commission requested and my current commission list.If you decide you don't want a commission of your character, I am happy to refund you back half of the paymentI will make sure to send WIP pictures to you via DMs to let you know how the commission is going, and if there's any details I need to change. Note: This will be often during sketching and base-colouring. So be sure to have access to communicate with me via Discord or by Twitter.Once work has began, do not request for major changes (example: male to female, completely different character, etc) - unless I am currently in the sketching process. I will make small alterations upon request, such as hair colour, tattoos, etc, etc. But once I am close to finishing, I will not make any additional changes to your commissionI can deny a request if there is a lack of information, commission slots are full, or the request is one I do not feel comfortable doing.I retain all rights to the artwork and can post it on my portfoilo and social networks. The cilent can request for me to keep the commission private by asking. Additionally, do not sell of my artwork for profit - INCLUDING NFTs. Else I'm throwing a roomba at you.Characters drawn for their commissions belong to the cilent, not myself. I hold no rights over the characters, only the particular artwork that I have created for said character.The WIPs I send will have a watermark over the top, and this will be the same for the finished product. Please don't remove the watermark!Please do not resell my artwork to another or claim that you drew this artwork. ;-;No, Patrick, popularity and 'I can get you noticed' is not a form of payment. This applies to 'can you do it for free?' - this is my job. You get paid for doing your job.



Base Colours (+ Lighting)

Sketches / Lineart

Symbols and Logos